About Me

My name is Lisha and I am a woman of faith. I love Christ and endeavor to serve him daily. I am married with two elementary aged daughters. I teach 4th grade  in a public school, and after over 20 years in education, I still get excited when a child’s face lights up because he finally “got it”.  However, I do find teaching to be an astronomical challenge, and I have days when I wonder if I can actually pull it off.

My husband lives with chronic illness. He suffers from End Stage Renal Disease and had a kidney transplant in March of 1998. He has a whole litany of health issues which I won’t delve into here, but that affect our day-to-day lives. We married in June of 1995 and almost 6 months to the day later, he was in the hospital, and we were told that his kidneys had failed. Our dreams of how life would be,  shattered before our eyes, and we’ve had to search for a new normal. We’ve done a lot of adjusting and readjusting over the years, but God’s grace has been there for us, and he has been our strength.

I love writing and this blog serves as an outlet for the pen and paper itch that I so often feel. I hope that my writing becomes arms of encouragement that wrap around hurting hearts.  This is also a place for me to share my life with others. Perhaps something I say will light a flame of hope, challenge you, or at least put an occasional smile on your face. I hope that you will visit often and leave a comment for me from time to time so I know you’re out there. Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there Lisha!

    First off, I am so happy for you being able to go to the women’s retreat in April. YES, God Is Good! (also sounds like you deserve it!)

    Congratulations on 3RD PLACE for Ohhh!!!!!!!!! You mentioned Moro Bay so am wondering where you live. I grew up in Santa Cruz and now live in Sacramento so am jazzed that there is a FW commrade close to me.

    You teach 3rd grade in a public school system….What a challenge! I homeschooled my daughter from 9th thru 12th and THAT was a challenge but proved to be most rewarding!

    Lastly and most importantly….am lifting your husband up in prayer…what an ordeal! My father-n-law use to run dialysis up in Redding at Mercy Hospital. May God shower your husband with His Blessings, Mercy and Peace!

    • Dear Lish, first I want to so say I am so sorry about your husband illness. I know gives mercy. Second i just found your blog accidentally, by looking up for a scripture plaque, Jer. 29:11. i am so excited of the things I found in your blog but I can never get to the same page twice, I wonder how do you get back to something you did? I am looking for He is… by Erik something in July I believe it was recitation of the names of God that was on You Tube. I would appreciate if you had a schedule or could tell me hoe to get to a certain date. It awesome you are a teacher. Thank you for sharing the tings you do. You bless me everyday I started looking at you blog.

  2. Hi Lisha! So glad to read your blog. You are so dedicated to everything… teaching, mothering, wifeing (new word??) and are an amazing writer. Look forward to reading more! Continuous prayers for you, Ron, the girls and all of lifes unexpected challenges 🙂


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