24 Hours Without Facebook

It’s has now been 24 hours since I’ve been on Facebook. I’ve already noticed an increase in my time. That’s a good thing! Dinner has been served, dishes are done, and I’m getting ready to do some Bible study and it’s not even 7:00 pm yet! Will I miss some things without Facebook in my life? Probably. I’ll miss pictures that my friends share and may miss out on knowing about events around the community. However it might force me to actually call a friend or write a letter once in a while, and I know I can’t lose with the extra time I will have to devote to more important things than scrolling the newsfeed. My prediction is that overall my life will be better for having cut Facebook out.

One thought on “24 Hours Without Facebook

  1. Hi L, it’s Trish! I’m proud of you for doing this. I take regular Facebook breaks, especially when my Major Depressive Disorder kicks in, but also just when I need a break. I will keep you in prayer!

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