Red Sea or Jordan River

Janice knew God had a plan, but now things didn’t make sense. “Why God?” she asked as she read the eviction notice. “I know you’ve called me to ministry. I’m trying to be obedient. I broke up with Chad, cut off ties with the party crowd, and even quit my job to move here and work with this homeless ministry. And now, I might become one of them.” Janice was facing a Red Sea. She couldn’t go back to Chesterfield. There was too much bad history there, but what was she going to do now? She needed a miracle.

Brayden had also been called of God. He gave her the gift of speaking and a message to share. “Only as you open doors, God,” she said. “I’ll wait on you and as you open doors, I’ll go through them.” Eventually an opportunity came and she spoke at a retreat. She didn’t know how things would turn out, but trusted God to do a work. He did and women were encouraged. Several confirmed God’s calling. “You should be a speaker,” said one. “Others need to hear this message,” said another. Yet Brayden held back.

The compliments encouraged her, and she prayed for open doors. “I don’t want to be about self-promotion Lord,” she prayed. “I want to speak for you and share my story, but only as you make the way.”

A friend approached Brayden offering to support her in getting a speaking ministry started. She detailed the plans for building a webpage and printing brochures. Brayden was edified by her friend’s confidence, but struggled with taking such big steps.

Janice faced a Red Sea while Brayden stood on the banks of a Jordan River. The story of the Red Sea is in Exodus 13 and 14. The story of the Jordan River is in Joshua 3. In both cases God’s people stood in front of an impassable obstacle. In Exodus, God parted the Red Sea first. Then the Israelites crossed on dry land. However, in Joshua, the priests stepped into the water before God parted it.

Why the difference? In Exodus the parting of the sea was a rescue. In Joshua it was a mission. In Exodus God was the rear guard as the people crossed. In Joshua, he led as the Ark of the Covenant went before them.

Janice needs parted seas. Brayden needs to step out in faith. Janice needs rescue. Brayden needs to pursue the promise. What obstacle do you face? Do you need rescue? Look for God to part seas. However, if God has already given you a promise and you stand at the banks of a Jordan, you might need to step in and get your feet wet first.


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