Knowing the Name of God

My mom recently shared this verse with me. It’s one I’ve read before, but didn’t take much notice of until now. Psalm 9:10 Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.

I’ve always believed that names have significance. Many places in the Bible illustrate this. Moses means drawn. He was drawn out of the water. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, which means God prevails. When naming my children, I considered the meanings of each name before selecting ones for them. Annalise, our oldest, took us four years to conceive and at one point we were basically told that we wouldn’t be able to have children. Her name means, gracious promise. Kendall, our second born, was a surprise. She’s full of life and zest and she adds vibrancy to our lives. Her name means, beautiful valley. My own name, Lisha, means consecrated of God.

This verse in Psalms asks us to pause and consider the name of God. For those that know His name, also trust in Him.

Have you considered the name of God? The word for name in this verse is the Hebrew word shem, which literally means name, but it can also mean reputation, fame, or glory. I think God means for us to consider both meanings. God is known by many names and He has a multi-faceted reputation. He is holy yet so much more.

The name given for God in this verse, Lord, is the Hebrew word Jehovah. It is a very common name for God used over 6500 times in the Old Testament in over 5500 verses. What does the name Jehovah say about our God? It means the existing one.

It speaks to a living, breathing, God. Jehovah is not dead and sitting on a shelf, pedestal, or slab of concrete in front of a temple. He is not made of wood, stone, or metal. He has ears to hear, eyes to see, and hands to touch. His spirit works and moves among man. He exists and you can count on Him!

Please join me over the next week or so, as I explore the names of God, for there are many. Knowing His names will show us more of who He is. And with that my friend, comes a stronger faith.


2 thoughts on “Knowing the Name of God

  1. Thank you, Lisha! “…the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.” Daniel 11:32 b.
    Your blog is beautiful, by the way. I am such a novice, but am willing to try and learn.

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