Can’t Put It Down

If you enjoy fiction and want a can’t-put-it-down read, try Leaving Yesterday by Kathryn Cushman. After reading this one, I want to hunt down her other titles, A Promise to Remember and Waiting for Daybreak. I enjoy realistic fiction that deals with challenging issues and this book didn’t disappoint.

This prodigal son story will capture your heart as you rejoice with a mother at the return of her son and agonize with her at the possibility of losing him again. Although Christ forgives, there can still be a price to pay for truth. You’ll be challenged to think about that as you see courage in action.

Here’s what the back of the book says: The police car outside triggers Alisa Stewart’s worst fear – her son, Kurt, is dead, his life lost forever to addiction. Instead, the office is just following a lead on a crime. And when Kurt calls to say he’s checked himself into rehab and found a healing faith, Alisa feels a hope she’d given up on.

It’s like her son has been brought back from the dead.

But then the cop returns, asking dark questions about the murder of someone Kurt once knew. Alisa is terrified. Her boy is different now. He’s changed and deserves a second chance. But as his old life refuses to stay buried, Alisa finds herself facing an impossible choice:

 keep silent and keep her son…

 or risk everything in a quest for truth.


One thought on “Can’t Put It Down

  1. Lisha,
    Thanks for the info. I’m always looking for good books to read. Have you read Nicholas Sparks’ book Three Weeks With My Brother? True story about a trip he takes around the world with his brother while at the same time reminiscing abuot their past family history together. Read that this summer….think my sons would enjoy reading it! See you soon!

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