Putting Christ in Easter

Our family has a tradition that helps us to focus on the Christian celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection.  We use Resurrection Eggs. There are a dozen plastic eggs, each filled with a symbol of the last week of Christ’s life. The first egg has a donkey inside. The scriptures that you read with that egg are the ones related to Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. The next egg contains a three silver coins to represent the 30 pieces of silver given in payment for the betrayal of Christ. I won’t divulge the remaining contents in case your family is new to Resurrection Eggs.

When our girls were little, we started on Monday of Easter week and opened two eggs per day, one for each child. Instead of reading the verses I explained that part of the Easter story. On Tuesday, we reopened the first two eggs as the girls told me what was inside and what it reminds us of, and then we opened two more. We continued on each day opening all the previous eggs and adding two more. On Saturday we only opened one egg and on Sunday we opened the final egg. As our girls have gotten older, they are now able to read so as we open the eggs, each girl takes turn reading the scripture for each egg. This year we spent several days at the beach and forgot to bring the eggs with us so we did them all in one setting this morning.

It really helps us to focus on what we’re celebrating. Although hunting for treasured filled eggs is fun, it is a secular tradition. We feel it is important to focus on Christ and if we’re not intentional about it, that can get lost in the shuffle. So as we head off to church today, we can celebrate the risen savior and the empty tomb. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

If you are interested in ordering Resurrection Eggs to add to your family traditions visit familylife.com.


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