Six Word Story

She Reads is offering another scholarship to She Speaks. I told my mom that I hoped I wasn’t frustrating my readers and making them think, “Will she get off the She Speaks topic already.” Mom said that she thinks my readers will be pulling for me. I guess it goes to show you how much I really want to attend this conference. So, bear with me as I once again attempt a scholarship win.

She Reads issued a challenge to write a story in just six words. You’re probably thinking the same thing I did when I read it. “Are you kidding me?” Believe it or not, it is possible. Ernest Hemingway did so. Here’s his:

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

I have grappled with this for several hours, writing story after story, crossing out, rewording and totally scrapping one idea for another. I boiled it down to two.  The first tells a story from the Bible. Blood flowed. Garment touched. Life restored. But  I chose to enter the following one because it holds my dream.  

Novice writer. She Speaks. Book published.

I know I’ve shared the She Speaks conference link, but the scholarship entry requires that I do so again. If you’re interested in the She Speaks conference, you can visit the conference webpage by clicking here.


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