No Other Gods

My mom and I just finished an excellent Bible study. No Other Gods by Kelly Minter is a study in confronting our modern-day idols in order to make room for God. It’s an 8 week study with an introduction and 5 lessons for each week. The lessons are very doable. Mom lives several states away from me, but we did the study each day and shared our thoughts and reflections via email. It was a fun way to do the study, but it would also be great to get together with 3 or 4 friends to do the study. Kelly also includes some GREAT recipes and even has a webpage to supplement the study. If you’re interested, check the web at Click on her link The Living Room. You can also purchase her materials at www.lifewaycom.

What’s next for Mom and I? Well, we started another study from The Living Room Series entitled Ruth. This one is also by Kelly Minter. We’ve only done the first day, and I’m already hooked and can’t wait to do day 2 tomorrow.


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