Thoughts of You

Last night, my family and I watched an interesting television show called Undercover Boss. It’s a “reality” show where the CEO of a company goes undercover and works alongside his employees. I’ve only watched two episodes of this show, but on both occasions it was a real eye-opener for the boss and there were changes in the company as a result of his experiment.

In last night’s episode, the CEO of Belfor, a home-restoration company, went under cover and found himself with some pretty tough challenges. He got fairly emotional at several points in the show as he was moved by the stories of his own employees. At one point, Jen, one of the employees he was working beside, said, “If Corporate tripped over me, they probably wouldn’t even notice.” This was after she shared about her struggle the night before trying to decide which bills to pay and which ones she needed to leave unpaid. The CEO was so moved that he revealed to her right then and there who he was, that he really did care, and that raise she had been hoping for, he was going to give her.

In the video above, Jen was deeply moved that the bigwig, the CEO, took the time to notice her. She said she no longer felt invisible. She, along with others on the show, were moved and in awe that they were noticed by such an important figure. Keep that thought as I move in a different direction. Don’t worry; it’ll all get tied in together at the end.

If you’ve been around Christianity for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve come across a very well-known, often quoted verse. Jeremiah 29:11. The following is from the New International Version.

I want to take you to the King James Version of this verse which gives it a little bit of a different twist. If you research the original languages and which words were used, you’ll find that the King James is dead on.


Stop and ponder that a moment. The almighty God, the creator of all that is and ever will be, the CEO of everything, thinks about you! He has thoughts toward you! You are not some nameless peon at the bottom of the corporate ladder that no one cares about. The God of all creation thinks of you! He knows your name, he thinks thoughts toward you, he is there waiting to hear your prayers. He wants to communicate with you. He longs for relationship with you.

Look at the next verse in Jeremiah 29. Verse 12 says, Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. God, the CEO, wants to listen to you! He wants you to call him up. He cares, and he’s waiting for you to come because he can’t wait to show you what he has in store. Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Can you grasp it! We saw people shed tears when the CEO of Belfor took notice of them. Are we even the least bit moved that God thinks of us, that he sees all, and he is standing there with hands extended, saying, “Come?”


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