Last night I finished Neta Jackson’s book, “Who Do I Lean On? I highly recommend her entire Yada Yada House of Hope series. If you’ve read the Yada Yada Prayer Group series, you’ll recognize some of the characters in the House of Hope books.

On page 151, Mabel tells Gabby, “Just have to stay in the word. Stay in the word … because it’s not enough to believe in God, Gabby. You have to believe God. He’s a mighty big God, if we let Him be God in all our messy situations.”

Wow! Those are powerful words that give me pause. How many times do I just I believe in God, without really believing God? There is a difference. Believing in God puts “In God We Trust” on a dollar bill, but spends it on sin.  Believing in God says, “Of course there’s a God,” but denies his power. Believing in God goes to church on occasion, or even every Sunday, but walks out the doors unchanged. Believing in God owns a Bible, but rarely reads it. Believing in God confesses a faith, but doesn’t live it.

Believing God is far different. Action backs the belief. Faith is confidently lived out in one who believes God. It explains why a martyr will burn at the stake rather than denounce Christ, or why a missionary will leave the comforts of home, live in a foreign land, and preach an illegal gospel.

Believing God enabled Elijah to stand confidently in front of the prophets of Baal praying for God to send down fire. Believing God enabled Moses to stand before Pharaoh demanding the release of the Israelites. Believing God gave Stephen boldness to preach the truth as angry stones were hurled at him. Believing God enables God to work and move. Things happen when we believe God. 

I don’t want to merely believe in God. I want to believe God. I want to live in step with Jesus, listen to his voice, and walk with boldness because I know what he said, and I believe it.

Mark 9:24b: I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!



One thought on “Believe

  1. Outstanding!

    I believe and I want to believe more. Amen!

    Like Elijah, I want a bold confidence. Like Moses, I want an unwavering faith. Like Stephen, I want a courageous trust. Each one of these men stood in the face of adversity. They were each challenged in a profound way. And each one relied on God, knowing and believing the Most High God. They also each had a no fear attitude in the face of those who were against them. At the same time, they each had a holy fear of God. They believed mightily!

    Sign me up for a mighty, awe-inspired belief. I WANT IT!!! I WANT GOD!!! I believe GOD!!! God, help Thou my unbelief.

    Thank you so much for this powerful message. I adore the Word of God and I am appreciative to you for being brave enough, fearless enough and faithful enough to share the Word of God with much boldness and honesty. And thanks for making me aware of this book series. I can’t wait to get started!

    Purposed for Praise and In Pursuit of my Beloved,

    P.S. Happy New Year!

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