A Colorado Christmas

We returned yesterday from a trip to Colorado for Christmas. We had a wonderful time visiting my parents. Living in central California, we don’t get snow so my girls were ecstatic to get out in that mushy, white stuff.

They built their first ever snowman, went sledding, made snow angels, and challenged Grandma Patti to a snowball fight. They didn’t get to iceskate, but I told them we can put that on the agenda for the next time.

Mom and I had some precious time sharing God’s word together. I can’t tell you how many times my eyes teared up at something Mom shared or insights that we had. Our time was sweet.

We also shared a lot of laughter, especially when we opened gifts and discovered that Mom and I got each other the same thing, the Yadda Yadda House of Hope set of books. Number four is due out in March. I’m sure we’ll both be snagging up a copy hot off the press. I’ve already devoured book 2 (I had read book 1 prior to our trip) and plan on starting book 3 tonight.

I must say, that I can’t remember a more precious time with my parents. This trip was so much fun. I will cherish it as one of my sweetest memories.


4 thoughts on “A Colorado Christmas

  1. Lisha, I’m SO happy for you. How blessed you are to have that kind of relationship with your mom/parents. Hope you enjoy the remaining days of vacation. See you soon!

  2. Yeah for you guys!!! I love love and I adore family. I’m so glad you guys had a great time and that you were afforded such sweet memories.

    Lisha, both you and your mom are salt-of-the-earth people and it has been my pleasure knowing, growing and learning with you. So, with that said, I have to say, whoo hoo in celebration of the mega blessings God gave you with this CHRISTmas reunion.


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