Another Christmas Tradition

As I’m sharing some of our family traditions this week, I can’t help but add this one. What God Wants for Christmas, is an interactive nativity scene. There are 7 boxes made to look like gifts that your child can open. Each one contains one piece of the nativity scene. A book accompanies the set which outlines scripture for each box as well as a poem. The last stanza says:

What God wants for Christmas?

It’s to you a surprise,

in box number 7, it is disguised.

But no peeking! Be patient.

For this you must wait.

It’s what you offer him, and it’s really great!

The idea is to find out what God would like for Christmas. The answer is discovered in the last box. I won’t share the answer now so as not to spoil your fun. Some families open one box a night leading up to  Christmas. Our family opens two boxes on the first Sunday of Advent, two more on the second one, then one each for the remaining Sundays. We usually open box 7 on Christmas Eve. There are several ideas in the book for using the set. It can be adapted for older or younger children. My girls still enjoy it even though they are 9 and 11. They are old enough now, that they read the scriptures each evening. If you’re looking for a way to focus on Christ at Christmas, this might be worth a try.


One thought on “Another Christmas Tradition

  1. Thanks so much for this! I will look for it immediately.

    My husband and I are fairly new parents and we are always looking for ideas. We want to teach our children that the most priceless gifts are centered on, around, and in the LORD. I love how this is all about God. That is what makes it so special. I can’t wait to share this with my children.

    Blessings and Hugs,

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