Pulling Together

My husband was listening to the radio and heard that a Clydesdale can pull about 1,000 pounds, but two Clydesdales can pull 3,000. Why is that? It’s amazing to me that when they work together they can each pull 1 1/2 times as much as they can pull on their own. It made me stop and think about humans. Could we pull more if we work together?

I think the answer is yes. As we work in unity toward a goal, we will have far more success if we have others pulling with us than if we go it alone. Where one will strain and stress, a team can have success.

I heard the following story recently. A man ran is truck off into the ditch when a farmer riding a horse-drawn wagon stopped to help. He hitched his horse up to the man’s truck and called out, “Come on Blackie pull.” The horse just stood there so the farmer called out, “Come on Ginger, pull.” The horse just stood there. The farmer then called out, “Come on Bucky, pull,” and the horse pulled with all his might.

Once the truck was out of the ditch the driver thanked the farmer and said, “Sir, thanks, but I’m just curious. Why did you call your horse by three different names?”

The farmer replied, “Well you see, this horse is blind, and if he thought he was pulling alone, he wouldn’t budge.”

 Are you trying to go it alone? If so, consider finding others to pull with you. Do you know someone who’s going it alone? How can you come along side and help them pull?


One thought on “Pulling Together

  1. lets do the work of God together for the scriptures says that two are better than one, when we do the work of God in unity we shall accomplish what the lord sent has to do in this world amen .

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