Be Thankful

I Chronicles 16:34

     Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever.

As we reflect on our lives, we have much to be thankful for. I heard of a family who keeps a basket of colorful Indian corn kernels. Each Thanksgiving, the younger members of the family pass a corn kernel out to each family member. Then the family circles around and each person shares the thing he / she is most thankful for from the past year and places his / her corn kernel back into the basket.

My family usually goes around the table, each person sharing a list of things they’re thankful for. The lists, although meaningful, are very similar from year to year. We are thankful for salvation, our family, our children, our jobs, our homes, etc. But what I like about the above tradition is that the family focuses on just one item per person, and it has to be something that has occurred within the past year. I think lists are good, and each year I do stop and reflect in my journal about the many blessings God has bestowed on me and my family, but if I had to choose the one thing I am most thankful for from the past year, I’d have to really put some thought into it.

Last spring I enjoyed a wonderful visit with my mom. That is certainly something I am thankful for. My school principal retired and our new principal is someone I worked with before and really like a lot. That too is something I am thankful for. I had the privilege of watching my oldest daughter perform as an orphan in a stage production of Annie. As my heart swelled with pride and I wiped tears from my eyes, I was certainly thankful for that moment and the blessing of my children. In June, I received news that my short story, Editing Rights was selected for publication in an anthology of stories from FaithWriters. As I wept in joy and amazement at seeing a dream come true, I sang praises of thanksgiving to God. I marvel at how he has taken painful moments of my life and woven them into something beautiful that ministers to the hearts of others. I was and still am very thankful for that moment.

These are a few of the blessings from 2010 that I intend to give thanks for. How about you? If you reflect on just the last year of your life, what are you most grateful for?


One thought on “Be Thankful

  1. We should always be thank full for whatever things that comes on our way no matter bad or good , we should learn how to appreciate God for he knows us better . thanks for such thanks giving message be blessed amen.

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