Ice Castles Remake

I guess this weekend was a movie one for me.  After spending about 8 hours doing report cards on Saturday, I was spent. This afternoon I popped in another movie that I ran across at Blockbuster. It’s Ice Castles, starring skater Taylor Firth. It is a remake of a 1978 movie under the same title. I love figure skating and am a sucker for romance so I enjoyed the film. It  does have a PG rating and probably wouldn’t appeal to younger kids anyway. My daughters, ages 9 and 11, liked it, but  Kendall did say that there was too much kissing. LOL!  (She hates kissing. If Ron and I want to clear her out of the room, we just have to start smooching and she’s gone. )

There is a romantic element to the movie, but no sex scenes and I don’t recall any foul language. They did not use skating doubles so the actors actually do their own skating. After viewing the film, I did a Google search on Taylor Firth, the actress in the leading role. I was pleased to find out that she was home-schooled and is a professing Christian. This movie didn’t get many stars from film critics, but I thought it was a good one with a great story line.


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