Fascinating Read

I just finished a very fascinating book about Autism. It’s titled Strange Son and is written by Portia Iversen. She and her husband have an autistic son, Dov. Dov was not able to communicate. In their efforts to find answers and try to reach into the mind of their son, Portia and her husband started CAN (Cure Autism Now). CAN is committed to research in Autism.

Through Portia’s journey searching for they key to unlock Dov’s mind, she encountered Soma and Tito. Tito was from India and was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 2. Soma, his mother, had taught Tito how to communicate using an alphabet board. It so happens that Tito had a fascinating mind and is quite gifted. He wrote a book of poems that was published by the National Autistic Society of the United Kingdom. Portia finally tracked down a copy of Beyond My Silence: My Life, the World, and Autism and was amazed at Tito’s talent.

This book tells the story of Portia’s encounter with Soma and Tito, what she learned, and how her research has changed what we know about Autism.

You can visit Portia’s website at: http://www.strangeson.com  and you can visit Soma’s website at: http://www.halo-soma.org/main.php?sess_id=225d8fe1cd07268273f6ad683f86c045.


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