I continue to marvel at the way God moves. Today I got to work and saw a sealed envelope in my mailbox. On the front was a label that had been typed on which said, Lisha, Because I love you so much and I know how hard life is for you sometimes. God. I could tell there was cash inside. I took the envelope outside where I could be alone and opened it. There was $200 inside. I don’t know who gave it to me, but I was overcome with emotion and it took me several minutes to compose myself so that I could go back into the staff room and continue with my day. We’ve been on a single income since January and God just continues to provide for us in so many unexpected ways. I put a note on the whiteboard at work thanking whoever blessed me in this way, but it just now occurred to me that it may have been someone outside of school also. It is possible that someone could have dropped off the envelope at the  front office and asked that it be  put it in my box. Whoever it was doesn’t want recognition for it because they did so anonymously. So, if you’re reading this blog and you were the gift giver, please know that I am deeply moved and blessed by your generous act of kindness. And God, I thank you too! For you placed it on someone’s heart because you know our need – especially this month.


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