I Stand in Awe

God never ceases to amaze me! There’s a member of the Sunday School class I attend who has been without a voice for a long time. I’m not certain of all the details, but she used to speak just fine. I’m not sure that the doctors even knew why she lost her voice, nor do I know exactly how long she has been literally speechless, but it has been a long time. She has used a device that she holds against her throat, and as she speaks, it vibrates and gives her somewhat of a voice, but some words can be hard to make out and communication is difficult. We’ve been praying for God to restore her voice. Today she stood up in Sunday School and was handed the microphone. She sang out loud and clear, “Our God is an Awesome God.” She sang several bars of this powerful song. The entire class erupted into thundering applause and shouts of praise! Several of us had tears streaming down our faces. After she finished up, she spoke in a raspy voice, “I can’t talk, but I can sing!” Her talking voice is not back yet – it is scratchy and raspy as if she is suffering from laryngitis, but she can sing as if nothing is wrong and her song was one of praise! God is still in the miracle business!


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