Musings of a 3rd Grade Teacher

As I’ve dusted off my bookshelves, rearranged furniture, created name tags, and set up 32 student desks, I’ve prayed over each and every child that will sit under my instruction this year. I’ve been nervous about this school year. Last year I got an earful from the 2nd grade teachers about what a challenging group this was. “Just wait until next year,” they said. “This group is a handful.”

When I received my class placement cards, I counted 11 students who either had poor classroom behavior last year or who were dependent on the teacher in order to focus and get work done. Then, when a new special needs child was added to my list, I felt overwhelmed. “God, how am I going to do this?” I prayed. “A third of my students are extra needy in one way or another. I need your wisdom. I need your insight and creativity.” I’m still praying, lifting up each student by name. The first two days went well and my outlook is tentatively hopeful that God will use me to make a difference for this group of kids. I’m praying for miracles in my classroom this year and expecting good things from my students. And hoping that I’m still sane when June rolls around.


2 thoughts on “Musings of a 3rd Grade Teacher

  1. Amen girlfriend! God will use you in MIGHTY ways and I think you are ahead of the game by making your phone calls… wishing I would have throught of that!
    Have a super first full week!

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