Kids: Gotta Love ‘Em

My God-daughter Jaden was over today. My daughter Kendall often gives hand-me-down clothes to Jaden. It just so happens that we were going through Kendall’s closet today and getting rid of anything that she no longer wears or no longer fits. We were filling a bag for Jaden who watched with delight oohing and aahhing over each article of clothing, when we came across a beautiful pale green dress. It was an Easter dress a few years ago and Kendall absolutely loves it. Sadly, when she slipped it on, she was about to pop the zipper right out of the dress. Knowing that Kendall can be sensitive about giving things away I asked her if we could put it in the bag. She was very reluctant. “I want to put it in my keep-sake box. It was my Easter dress and it’s special.”

I hung it back in the closet and said, “We’ll hang it here and you can think on it for a few days. Perhaps you could even pray, and ask God what he would have you do with the dress.”

Jaden said, “If I were God I would say (here she switched to a deep voice) Give it to Jaden.”


6 thoughts on “Kids: Gotta Love ‘Em

  1. Adorable and precious! Went through the exact same thing with my now 21 year old daughter. 🙂

  2. Does that little Jaden have some of her mother’s directness? (Is that a real word?) I love my little princess.

  3. Hi there.. My first visit to your site. Very interesting. The latest book you reviewed grabbed my attention. Then I checked the humor section as I thought it would pick me up and I love your daughter’s comment.. Precious! Thanks for sharing.

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