A Good Ending

Ron felt well today. His stamina is not up to par yet, but he wanted to go visit nearby Port Townsend. The girls went to Lake Crescent with their Aunts and Uncles while Ron and I headed off for a day together – just the two of us.

Port Townsend is a beautiful little town. The downtown architecture is quaint and reminds your of the past. Here’s a couple of shots of downtown.

This building is one of my favorites – besides the county courthouse which has a beautiful brick clock tower.

We spent some time sitting on the pier watching the sailboats go by. We could also see a large grey ship off in the distance. It looked like a military vessel. We did overhear someone call it a navy cutter. I’m not sure what that is, but it was a big ship, that’s for sure.

Notice the large mountain in the background. Isn’t it spectacular? I never tire of the beauty around here.

Here’s a shot of Port Townsend from the water.

There is also a marina and a dry dock there. We enjoyed driving through the dry dock and looking at all the boats, some of them quite large, that have been taken out of the water for refurbishing, painting, and other maintenance. Some of the boats made my jaw drop. I guess there’s so much more to a boat that we don’t see when it’s in the water.

We also took a drive out to Point Wilson. When you get to the water, you notice that it’s real choppy compared to the rest of the sound. There are two currents that meet there which causes the choppy water. While there, we saw three different cruise ships heading out to sea, and the lighthouse.

We finished our day off with a meal of fish and chips at the Bayview Restaurant. We sat outside and had an awesome view of the pier where the ferry comes in. We enjoyed a quite meal with the sound of water lapping the shoreline.

I was touched when I overheard Ron tell his sister that today was probably the best day he’s had in the past two years. I’m glad that there was at least one good memory for him on this otherwise dreary vacation dealing with illness.

Tomorrow we head back to the hot temperatures of the valley. We are very grateful to my father-in-law for providing the bulk of this trip for the entire family. Without his financial contribution, we would’ve never been able to come. Thanks Dad!


One thought on “A Good Ending

  1. I am soooooo glad that you two had this day together! Sounds VERY nice and quiet and relaxed for both of you.
    Praying Ron continues to get better and feel up to getting around.

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