On the Mend

 These are some pictures of a cool place some of us went today. It’s the Olympic Game Park here in Sequim. You drive your vehicle through and see many animals. The bears are behind electrical fences, but the llamas, yaks, elk, deer, and buffalo all roam free. It’s a bit intimidating to have a huge old buffalo staring you in the face. The elk and buffalo are as tall as our van and both could do some serious vehicle damage if they wanted to. A lot of people buy bread to feed the animals so they come right up to your car. It’s really a neat experience.

After our visit to the game park, we swung by the motel to check on Ron. I knew he was doing a bit better in the morning when he asked for a ham and cheese omelet. He felt up to joining the family at Christopher’s place. Chris is our nephew who rents a small house with 2 other guys. The yard of the house has a miniature golf course in it. There is also a separate building at the back that has ping-pong, air hockey, fooseball, darts, and a pool table. Outside were several yard games that you could play as well. Chris added a bucket of water balloons too. The place is open to the public on the weekends, but the rest of the time, it can be rented for private parties so it was just our family there. We had a blast!

We finished the evening off with a BBQ at Joe and Julie’s. Uncle Joe makes a great hamburger! Temperatures cooled to the mid 60s and we all sat out on the front porch and enjoyed our dinner while we visited, shared stories, and a lot of laughter. It was nice to see Ron up and enjoying the family. I’m hoping that he’ll feel better tomorrow and that today wasn’t too much for him.


2 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. Hi Lisha….you’ve got me wanting to visit Sequim…sounds so picturesque, fun and soothing for the soul at the same time. SO glad to hear Chris is feeling better. God Bless all of you!

  2. Oh my! So glad that Ron is feeling better! We pray that he continues to heal while also having time to enjoy family!

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