Ron is definitely sick. He finally agreed to go to a walk-in clinic. Good thing he did. He has pneumonia in both lungs. I think he barely escaped being hospitalized for now, but is not out of the woods. I am on high alert for any changes in his symptoms – breathing, cough, fatigue, etc. He’s been put on two antibiotics for twice the amount of time as is usually prescribed. If he doesn’t show improvement, then we’ll be back at the clinic. What a way to spend a vacation! He’s been cooped up in the hotel for all but 2 days since we’ve been here and one of those days he should’ve been resting.

On a lighter note, the sun is shining in Sequim and the temperature was perfect – upper 60s. After a breakfast at I-Hop, the girls and I headed to the beach at Port Williams. We spent about 40 minutes just walking along. The girls collected rocks and shells. The rest of the day, I spent in the clinic with Ron while the girls hung out with their aunts in Port Angeles. They had a great day!


4 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Lisha,
    You are such a blessing in sharing so much of yourself with others. I am always encouraged by your writing and feel privileged to share this wonderful vacation with you. Please know that I will keep your husband and all of you in my prayers.

  2. I knew something more was going on. I prayed for him yesterday. I’m so sorry you have this added stress at this time, when you should be refreshing yourself in rest and peace.
    We will pray all the more for all of you.
    We love you.

  3. Lisha, I’m so sorry to hear this. NOT the way you had envisioned spending your vacation, I’m sure. Please know I’m sending up prayers and if there is anything you think I could do to help, please let me know. Are you having to stay longer now than you’d planned? Is everything ok at your house here or do you need someone to check on things? Kim and I are leaving on Sunday or Monday for two weeks but if you think I can help in between time, please let me know. At your side with love,

  4. Wow! Just getting to emails, etc. as we got home from our trip! Oh my! Will keep reading other emails and see if there is an update and then give you a call once I have gone through the stack!

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