Our 4th of July in Sequim

Ron seemed to feel a bit better throughout the day on the 4th. He joined us at Julie’s for visiting and lunch. We all ate left-overs: Chris’ killer spaghetti, and Zach’s BBQ (Chris and Zach are my nephews and both pretty dang good chefs). Aunt Julie started teaching Annalise and Kendall how to use a round shaped loom to knit a stocking cap. They got part way through, but I imagine it will take them a couple of days to finish their hats.

Later Ron and I took a drive. There is beauty everywhere you look around here so a drive is always a nice thing to do.

We drove out to the Dungeness Spit where we sat and enjoyed the view. Some guy was wind-surfing which was pretty cool to watch. We also saw a huge boat / ship out on the water. We had some binoculars with us which it made it easy to get a close-up view.

This picture is of the actual spit.

Here’s another picture taken from the spit out over the water. You can see that the shoreline is covered in trees. It’s like that all over the place here.

After visiting the spit for a while, we drove into town to get a latte for Ron and a hot chocolate for me. Then we headed out to John Wayne Marina to enjoy our beverages and visit.

It doesn’t get dark until about 10:00 pm here so the fireworks shows go pretty late. Julie and I opted out of the fireworks. Kendall did too because it was so cold and she knew that she would be up late, but the rest of the family headed to Port Angeles for the fireworks. I visited with Julie for a while, and then she dropped Kendall and I off at the hotel. We watched fireworks from the window of our room and then popped in the movie Dreamer. We both fell asleep part way through the film, but it was still nice having some one-on-one time with Kendall.


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