A Low Key Day

We had a low-key day today. Ron’s fever is back and he’s not feeling well. He spent the day in bed at the hotel. The girls slept in until about 10:15 or so. We ran to the store to get Ron some Gatorade, Soup Broth, and V8 Juice. Then we went to lunch. We wanted to go to the Sunshine Cafe in downtown Sequim, but they were closed today. Hopefully we can visit there on another day. We ended up at Applebees, but the girls liked it.

Later we met up with the rest of the family. Julie, Jody, Jody’s mom-in-law, and I took the girls to ice cream at the cutest coffee / ice-cream shop called The Buzz. They had a lot of fruit flavored ice cream, but I opted for maple-nut and the girls had root beer float. They had lavender ice cream that was a deep purple color, but it didn’t sound good to me. One of these days when I’m feeling more adventurous, I might give it a try.

After ice cream we hit Aunt Julie’s favorite shop, Over the Fence. They have some really cute home and garden stuff in there. I really didn’t spend much, but did buy Annalise, Kendall, and Jolie some cute butterfly clips that they can clip on hats, bags, headbands, clothes – whatever they fancy. They clipped them on their headbands today and they were really cute.

The rest of our day was spent just sitting and visiting. The weather cleared up today and this afternoon was sunny and warm. I encouraged the girls to play outside because the past few days have been cold. We don’t mind the cold too much because we know it’s probably hotter than blazes in Visalia.


One thought on “A Low Key Day

  1. Hotter than blazes is right! 100 (and sometime +!)… phew! And to think we are heading to HOTTER (Vegas!) — are we NUTS? Ü Family sure makes you do strange things!
    We head out tomorrow (Tues) morning…

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