Challenges and Fun in Sequim

Another day in Sequim has passed. This one was not without its challenges. Ron came down with a fever and has spent the entire day in the hotel. I feel bad for him. He’s missing the fun.

The girls and I started the day having breakfast with Grandpa. He definitely seems to find the good places to eat. We went to the Old Mill Cafe and had a killer breakfast. Kendall had french toast while Annalise enjoyed blueberry pancakes shaped like a bear. I had their Harvest Moon omelet: zucchini, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, Asiago cheese, and mozzarella. It was to die for.

After breakfast the girls spent some time at Aunt Julie’s. I went off alone and found a small park tucked into the middle of downtown. It was shaded with tons of trees. I sat at one of the tables and enjoyed some quiet time with God. I love to get away in a beautiful place to read the word and pray. Not a soul was around except God and me. I hope to go there again before we leave Sequim. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that park.

When the girls got hungry for lunch, we packed up some pbjs and headed to Carrie Blake Park. I tell you, everything is green and lush here. There is no shortage of beauty. Here’s a few pics of the park.


3 thoughts on “Challenges and Fun in Sequim

  1. I’m sorry for Ron’s misfortune and missing the beauty up there. You’re pictures remind me of some placed around Macdoel. Sounds like the eating is very good too.

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