Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try this!

I’ve been struggling lately with not feeling well. I’ve had a sinus infection and ear infection, and I’ve also been dealing with some emotional issues. That old familiar feeling of depression has been knocking at my door. It’s taking some concerted effort on my part to keep it at bay and not slide down into its dark pit.

First of all, I’m spending more time in prayer. I’m working my way through a 30 day prayer journal called Kindred Moments. I picked it up at Ladies Retreat. I find that my mind tends to wander when I’m trying to pray, so I’m journaling my prayers. Writing keeps me focused.

Yesterday my girls had a busy day of activity. We were slated to have a friend over for dinner so I was stressing a bit about how I was going to get everything in. When we were at Adventure Park, which the girls had earned through their Awana program, I was really chomping at the bit to get home to start on my to-do list. But, Annalise had to miss most of the slated time with the Awana group because she had Annie rehearsals, so I knew I needed to stay at Adventure Park for a while and let her enjoy her time there. I finally decided to quit stressing about my to-do list and just enter in the fun with my girls. I’m glad I did. They enjoyed the bumper boats, and I was the official score keeper for their putt-putt golf game.

When we got home, they really wanted to go swimming. We don’t have a pool, but our neighbor does, and she lets us use it whenever we want. Frankly, it was hot yesterday and the swimming sounded good to me also. I told the girls that as soon as the bathroom was cleaned and the family room picked up, we’d head over to swim.

What fun we had! And it really brightened up my mood. I felt so much better and refreshed after a day of fun. Maybe I need to do that more often; abandon the to-do lists and just have fun with my girls. It did wonders for me, and I’m still feeling pretty good this morning!


One thought on “Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try this!

  1. Lisha,
    I so admire the “concerted effort” you put out in this situation. I always have and always will admire your determination to live life to the fullest in spite of various obstacles in your life. You inspire me to do the same and I just love you for it!

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