Locks of Love





Annalise, our principal, and a teacher at our school holding their Locks of Love donations.

About 18 months ago, our principal, (center in picture) decided to let her hair grow out in order to donate it to Locks of Love. After that decision, our school secretary suffered a bout of colon cancer. Just as she was finishing up her treatment, our principal was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Neither of these ladies lost their hair, but none-the-less, our principal’s decision to grow her hair out for Locks of Love took on a whole new meaning.

Our school has a greeting every Monday morning. We gather in the courtyard for the flag salute. Announcements are made and student successes are celebrated. We also sing our school song and do our cheer. At the greeting a couple of weeks ago, our principal announced that her hair would be cut for Locks of Love the following week and that one of the teachers (pictured above right) would join her. She opened it up to the students and said that they could donate their hair as well.

Annalise decided she wanted to donate her hair in honor of her Aunt Julie, who is a cancer survivor. The above picture was taken of the three of them at the end of the assembly where their hair was cut. They took 10 inches off Annalise’s hair which is what Locks of Love needs in order to make a hair piece for a child. We are very proud of Annalise and her caring heart!


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