The Blind Side

Last night the girls spent the night with a friend so Ron and I decided to pick up a movie. I had heard about “The Blind Side” so when I saw it on the shelf I had to pick it up. I was a bit reluctant with the rating PG-13 because that often negates movies for our family, but I decided to give this one a try anyway. A friend at work who is a strong Christian, recommended it and I knew it was a true story.

The movie was excellent! The rating is PG-13 for some language, adult situations, and one scene of brief violence. I don’t recall the Lord’s name being used and the profanity that was used was not much (just a few times) and it was in a real-life context. I remember the word b—- a couple of times and a reference to male anatomy. I wouldn’t recommend the movie for kids, but for adults, it’s a good one.

After searching online I discovered that there was a book written first so you might want to pick that up first. I’m going to look for a copy.

The movies tells the story of Michael Oher a young man who grew up in poverty and often homeless. It tells of his journey from there to being drafted into the NFL. I won’t give any other details because it’s really an incredible story.


One thought on “The Blind Side

  1. I saw this in Butte Valley right before my life fell apart. I got out of the movie theater and received a phone call that changed the course of my life and had me in Visalia within two days. I will always link the two together.

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