Not too long ago I read, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala, the pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle. He talks a lot about prayer. I am convinced that many of us are lacking in this area. Many of us fail to pray, or we spend our entire prayer time airing a large laundry list of requests to God. Don’t get me wrong. Part of prayer is petitioning God. Ephesians 6:19a says, “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.”

But I think prayer is more than that. Prayer draws us to God. If we take time to also listen during prayer, we develop a relationship with God. Can you imagine if the only conversation you ever had with your children was receiving a list of things they wanted. Our children may ask us for things from time-to-time, but we long for more. We want to converse with them. We want to hear about their day and interact with them about decisions they are facing. We desire to help them with problems that they face and hear about their dreams. We want a relationship with them. God is the same. He wants a relationship with us, and prayer is a tool for developing that relationship.

Prayer is a tool for receiving God’s direction. It also gives God the opportunity to speak to us about those areas that need cleaning up. He can talk to us about our faults, failures, sins, and callings. Prayer is a two-way street.

I feel that God is calling his church to some serious knee-time. He wants to move in our midst, but we need to humble ourselves through prayer first. I am excited to see the church I attend, rising up in prayer. There is a group meeting Thursday mornings for prayer. I plan on joining them once school is out. I feel a tug in my spirit to get serious about prayer and time with God.


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