Here’s a good one for you. I use various things to get my students’ attention throughout the day. The usual strategy is to say, “High 5 Please” and raise my hand. When the kids see it, they raise their hands and most of the time the kids are quiet and attentive in 3-5 seconds. When it’s real noisy, I’ll say, “If you can hear my voice, clap once,” followed by a single clap. Then I’ll say, “If you can hear my voice clap twice,” and I clap twice. It works really well because several kids hear me and clap with me so I usually have everyone’s attention after “clap twice.”

Today we encountered a very noisy moment in which I decided to use the clapping strategy to get their attention. They were very excited because the Brine Shrimp hatched and they had just discovered them through magnifying lenses. Well, I got a little tongue-tied and it came out, “If you can hear my voice crap once.”

I didn’t clap and glanced at my student teacher to see if she heard me. I tried to keep a straight face thinking she wouldn’t have picked up on it. Well it only took a moment of eye contact to realize that she had heard it loud and clear!We both bust out laughing. I guess my face turned beet red, and she was laughing so hard she had to sit down. We definitely had the kids’ attention. They kept asking, “What’s so funny?” I wasn’t about to repeat it, but I got a good laugh imagining what some of their responses could have been if a stand-up comedian were embellishing this story. Here’s goes:

1. Do we have to?

2. I don’t know how.

3. “OK” said as pants slide to the knees.

4. My mom doesn’t want me to do that in public.

5. I already did.

6. I just got back from the bathroom.

7. What’s that?

Oh Lordy, Lordy.  I need a vacation! So much for Teacher Appreciation Week. I wonder if my principal will be getting any phone calls?


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