Should, Ought to, and Want to

Here’s my beef today. I am caught between what I should and ought to do and what I really want to do.

I should go to the gym, but what I want to do is lay on the hammock and read.

I should fold the laundry, sweep and mop, vacuum and dust, and scrub the bathroom, but what I really want to do is go outside and enjoy the sunshine with my family.

I have a list of “to-dos” and it conflicts with the desire to just have fun. I would love to be standing in the forest right now, or looking out at the ocean, or enjoying a picnic by a lake – anything but being in the house and facing chores!

I should watch what I eat, but I really could kill for a chocolate bar right now.

I should pay the bills, but I really want to go shopping for some totally unnecessary things.

So, what do I do? Do I do the things I should do, or do I do the things I want to do? Maybe I’ll find a way to do a little bit of both.


2 thoughts on “Should, Ought to, and Want to

  1. Rob a bank, go to Tahiti, buy some unnecessary things, and don’t worry about the consequences. That’s my advice. Oh, and take a book to read.

  2. We need a little down time too…. so the OUGHT TO lists SHOULD go by the side today – and enjoy life today… (at least that’s what I did! Ü)

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