It Could Be Worse

Our pastor challenged us on Sunday. We often times feel discontented – we want, want, want and it’s always bigger, better, faster, or more luxurious. Here’s the challenge: when you start to think “If only I had…” look at what you do have and say, “It could be worse.”

When you’re driving home and a brand new Lexus, or BMW, or Mercedes, or some other nice ride pulls out in front of you, look at your own car and tell yourself, “It could be worse.”

When you pull up in front of your house and see the peeling paint on the front door, or some other flaw and you start to think, “If only….” stop, look at your house, and tell yourself, “It could be worse.”

When you come into the house, see your spouse, and start to think, “If only…” just stop and tell yourself (not too loudly though), “It could be worse.” LOL

All humor aside, I think our pastor is on to something here. I caught myself yesterday starting to complain about something in the house, and I remembered what Pastor Michael said on Sunday. So, I stopped and said, “It could be worse.” After saying this, I felt better about my house and realized, that it is true – it could be worse – a LOT worse in fact. Suddenly I found myself grateful for my house instead of complaining that it wasn’t as big, nice, or luxurious as so and so’s.


One thought on “It Could Be Worse

  1. Lisha,

    This is SO true. When we found out our son had to wear glasses at 2 years old we were crushed. After a lot of prayer and soul searching we realized how blessed we are that we have the resources to GET him his glasses. Things could be so much worse. I try to remind myself that daily. Very refreshing!

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