God’s Accomplishments

More on retreat – God did a work there. There was a prayer team that prayed over retreat for an entire year, and Friday before we arrived, they prayed over each bed there and asked for God to move.

Well, he did. Rumor has it that the stories of retreat blessings just keep rolling in. God worked on my heart in two areas. One was forgiving someone who caused a great deal of pain in my family’s life.

The other area is deeply personal, and I won’t delve into much of it here other than to share this brief quip. My husband and I had a wonderful dinner out this evening while the girls were at Awanas. I hadn’t really shared with Ron what God had done in my heart during retreat. I had shared tidbits of messages with him, but not what God had done personally in me. I shared with him how God dealt with me regarding forgiveness, and as I was swallowing the lump in my throat, Ron told me about an area he hoped God would speak to me about. He said he hadn’t really prayed about it, but had hoped that God would do a work there. My eyes welled with tears as I spilled my guts about that very area. I tell you God is good! All the time!


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