Nuggets from Retreat

I spent the weekend at ECCO Retreat Center in Oakhurst, CA. What a great retreat we had. There were over 100 ladies from our church and God’s spirit was upon us all weekend. The speaker was dynamic. I don’t have time to delve into all the details at once, so for the next few days, I’m going to post some Gold Nuggets that I remember from the weekend.

The speaker spoke about forgiveness and here are some truths I gleaned:

1. When you forgive someone, you take them off of your hook and put them onto God’s hook.

2. When you forgive someone, you love them well. (She quoted this from another author, but I don’t remember who it was.) God calls us to love our neighbors and he even tells us to love our enemies. Forgiving is a way of loving them.

3. Bitterness is the poison we swallow while waiting for someone else to die. (This was also quoted from a book, but I didn’t write the reference down.) When we hang onto anger and bitterness, we are poisoning ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Nuggets from Retreat

    • Thanks AnneRene, I’ll check your article out. Forgiveness can be a difficult process, but we are commanded to do so. God is working in me to help me forgive someone who caused a lot of pain for my family. His grace is sufficient and I’m finding freedom as I let go of the grudge. In Christ, Lisha

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