Another Answered Prayer

Did you know that God is very practical? I’ve taken to petitioning him with the every day practical things in life. In January we lost a chunk of our monthly income so we’ve had to make our own budget cuts. One of the things we cut was the gardening service. Now, here we sit with no mower except a $25 broken down thing purchased at a garage sale. Ron has been working on it, but can’t seem to get it running. We decided to ask the Lord to provide a mower or a way to get our yard taken care of. We’ve been waiting to see what God would do. You know, he always works in ways that we least expect.

This morning my neighbor was in her yard when I came home from the gym. I hopped out of the car and we were chit-chatting across the shrubs. Towards the end of the conversation, she asked if we quit having our yard serviced. I explained that we had to cut the gardeners because we just couldn’t afford it and went on to tell her the situation about the broken mower, etc. I told her that we do have a Lowe’s card, but we didn’t want to charge a mower so we’re just going to have to save up for one, and we’re not sure what we’re going to do in the meantime. Well, it just so happens that she has a 16-year-old grandson with a mower, who wants a job. He’ll come mow for $8 a week! I told her to send him over. I can hardly wait to tell Ron how God answered this prayer. Now, we’ll wait to see how he’ll answer the next need: a new rim for the van. I’m sure it will be in an unexpected way.


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