They Get it From Their Dad!

My husband leaves “To Do” lists for my girls. Today I was at a teacher training workshop all day so Ron left a list of things for the girls to do. He taped it to the kitchen counter and told the girls, “One hour after you get up, I want you to do the things on this list. Then you can play.”

Here’s his list:

  1. unload dishwasher
  2. clean up fish tank table
  3. Kendall toys to room – out of living room
  4. All stuff out of family room
  5. Clean up dining room
  6. Load dishwasher
  7. clean up rooms

There was a note handwritten on the list that said, “Do In This Order”.

The girls left the following note taped to the cupboard door. It was the cupboard where Ron keeps his coffee stuff so they were sure he would get it. It said, “To: Daddy     Do this 1 hour after you get up. Do these in order.”

  1. Pick nose
  2. Clean armpits
  3. Eat the snail in backyard for breakfast (at bottom of slide prepared and salted for you)
  4. Fix swings please
  5. Fix hammock please

Ron got a kick out of it and so did I. I think this will be a great addition to our laugh box! LOL!!!


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