Cough Remedies Anyone?

We’ve had so much sickness in this house that I feel like a nurse at an infirmary. My husband lives with chronic illness, but has also been battling a cough which started as a cold, but won’t let go. It’s been going on for weeks now. Fortunately he has a doctor’s appointment soon.

Friday night both of my daughters ended up with fevers. The younger one was over it by Sunday. My oldest is still sick. When a severe sore throat was added to the mix, off to the doctor we went. Sure enough, she has strep throat. She’s had 3 doses of antibiotics thus far, so I’m hoping she’ll feel better today. The most irritating of things with all of it, is the coughing. She can’t stop and coughs so hard that she throws up. We’ve tried over-the-counter stuff and it doesn’t work. The doctor prescribed one that he says will work, but the government has regulated cough medicines to the point that drug companies are not making the precription strength ones that will actually stop a cough. We can’t track down the one that her doctor prescribed.

Cough drops sometimes help, but you can’t sleep with a cough drop in your mouth. Warm de-caf tea with honey helps some of the time, but it’s inconsistent. Someone once emailed me that you can put vapor rub on your feet and cover then with socks, and this will stop a cough. I don’t know about that one. It sounds outrageous, but at this point, I’m willing to try almost anything. Any ideas anyone?


3 thoughts on “Cough Remedies Anyone?

  1. I just went in AGAIN this morning for mine… I love that Immediate Health Clinic on Caldwell just east of Court! They get you in and out and really treat you well. He changed my meds to an inhaler and then a prescription cough med at night so I can SLEEP! He said I will be out for sure with this stuff. I am looking forward to some relief. I tell ya, go to that clinic… it is high class, fast, and they are very nice and good!

  2. Ok… I’ve got the Vicks on my feet and socks on… so far – good. But is that because I just inhaled all the fumes while putting it on? Will have to see what the long term affects are in the next couple hours. Ü

  3. We’ve done the Vick’s with socks and it did seem to help. But then I read the fumes weren’t all that good for you. For awake times we do hot water with honey and lemon, but it lasts about 10 minutes after they go to sleep. The cough just makes them miserable and the mom part of me hurts each time I hear it.

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