Showers of Blessings

Even more blessings are coming our way. I came home from a brief errand last night and saw a pile of stuff in the kitchen. “Where did all of this stuff come from?” I asked.

My husband said a friend dropped it by. She had just taken a trip to Costco and she picked up a few things for me. I didn’t ask her for these things, but here’s the run down: 1. a HUGE package of toilet paper (refer to my Shopping Challenges post) 2. a HUGE package of paper plates (we were almost out) 3. a box of laundry detergent (we can always use that) 4. TWO large boxes of fabric softener sheets (I’m down to just a few in the current box) 5. a HUGE package of paper towels (believe me, we go through them and when things get tight financially, paper plates and paper towels become a luxury).

Ron called AT&T today to have some “extras” removed from our phone line. We need to cut expenses. They removed the extras as we requested, but  also gave us a $10 discount on our 2nd line for the next 24 months, and another $10 off our monthly internet. Can you believe it?

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m not sure, so I’ll add it here. At work they are offering 3 days of teacher training on separate Saturdays. I’ve had one day of the training at the beginning of the year and have asked if I can somehow get the other days. The district is offering 3 of the remaining 4 days and get this, they are paying us $100.00 stipend per day for attending. I can’t beat that. Go to training that I want and that is fun, AND get paid for it!! God just keeps providing for us and I’m confident that even though we are having to tighten our belts, we’re going to be okay. God is good!!!


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