Shopping Trip Challenges

I went to the grocery store today. I am now thoroughly exhausted and ready for a hot shower and my electric blanket. First of all, it was raining cats and dogs. I knew that would pose a challenge, but hey, that would mean less people crowding the aisles right? WRONG! I got to Winco, our local discount grocer. “Don’t people ever go home? ” I wonder. The parking lot was packed. “Shoot!” I thought. I had to park in the back 40, and it is then that I realized that HUGE shopping list that I so carefully made, was still at home on the kitchen counter. I  was NOT going to drive all the way across town. I just went for it, hoping that I could remember most of what I needed.

The actual shopping went well. I walked through the store and items on my list popped out at me. My cart was packed to the max when I got in line. As I placed my last item on the belt I remembered that  toilet paper was on my list. “Oh well,” I thought. “We still have some at home so I’ll have to get it later. There’s NO WAY I’m heading back to get it now.”

At Winco you have to bag your own groceries so I was really moving. It was a work-out! I got so heated up that I had to take my coat and scarf off, and I was still sweating. As I  frantically bagged my stuff, I noticed the sign posted: “Please do not double bag your groceries. Our bags are double strength.”

By this time the next person was in line, and I felt the pressure. Fortunately, the next few people had small orders so they were still able to check out even though my food was consuming the entire belt. A teen-aged boy walked by just as I picked up a full bag of groceries. No worries, these bags are double strength right? WRONG! The bottom of the bag gave way and my canned goods rolled all over the place. I felt my face turn three different shades of red. The young man was kind, “Do you need some help?” he asked.

“No, it’s okay,” I replied. “I just need to re-bag these things.” I bent over and started gathering my stuff.

“That’s why I told you to wait!” snapped the boy’s mom. Her nasty attitude really grated on my nerves. I hate to hear people being hateful to their kids.

“It’s not his fault,” I said. “I just picked up the bag and the bottom gave way. He’s actually trying to help.” She didn’t say anything else and finished up with the checker.

As she walked by to leave she turned and gave my cart a once over. In a snide voice she said,  “What are you doing? Feeding an army?”

Boy I was ticked! Like it’s any of her business how much food I buy! I didn’t give her the satisfaction of a reply. I just shrugged my shoulders and kept loading my stuff in the cart.

Fortunately it stopped raining so I didn’t have to battle that on the way out to the van. As I loaded my many bags into the cart, a second one gave way and groceries rolled under the seat and across the back floorboard. “Double strength bags my —!” I grumbled.

I arrived home to discover that my husband was in bed so the girls and I struggled to unload said groceries only to have three more bags tear. By this time I was very irritated. “What’s with these bags?” I asked.

When we  finished  unloading the van, I saw my HUGE list sitting on the counter and decided to pick it up and see how I did. I knew I forgot the toilet paper, but other than that, the only item I missed was dill relish! Ha!


One thought on “Shopping Trip Challenges

  1. OMG! Gotta love going grocery shopping! And “double strength” – ha! You now have learned the lesson I have…. it’s only double strong if you hardly put anything in the bag. When you load a bag like us “get-er-done” women, well… double strength doesn’t really mean a lot.
    Well, good point is with all the stress, sweating, bending & picking up, loading & unloading… you’re sure to have lost a pound or an inch somewhere! Daily life can sometimes be just as exercising as the gym!!! Ü

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