Current Blessings

God has poured out his blessings on us lately. I think it’s appropriate to share with you the good that He has done.

I live with a chronically ill spouse. Fatigue is one of his many ailments and he is NOT a morning person at all. His health has taken its toll and we’ve quit planning any morning activities. He no longer attends Sunday morning worship with me and the girls. I’ve discovered through an online support group that I’m a member of,  that this is very common with chronically ill husbands. Many other women sit alone on the church pew on any given Sunday while their ill spouse is at home. Sometimes they are in chronic pain and can’t deal with the sitting. Sometimes they just don’t feel well and do not have enough energy. And, other times, they struggle to emotionally deal with people.

I quit badgering my husband about Sunday morning a long while back. I figured if he felt like going he’d get up on his own. He still attends the men’s Bible study on Tuesday nights and Wednesday night worship service. I’ve prayed about this issue, knowing that it’s important for us to be in church together. Recently, we discovered a Saturday night service at another church in town. We’ve attended the last two weekends, and have absolutely loved it. It feels so good to be in church together as a family. What a blessing!

I have an AWESOME student teacher working in my room from now through April. She’s there 2 1/2 – 3 days a week and so far has been fantastic! It’s a God-send to have some help in the classroom, and she’s a Christian which is even that much better. What a blessing!

We are facing some financial challenges in February as we’ll go from two incomes to one. We have to reduce our budget by $1300 a month. That’s a big challenge. Well, God is already meeting our needs. I get to attend 3 Saturday workshops for some training that I’ve wanted to attend anyway, and will get paid $100 each Saturday. That’s $300 to do something I want to do! You can’t beat that!

My car had a hole in the radiator and we were seeing dollar signs add up wondering how we were going to fix it. God came through again. Someone sent us $200 to pay for the car repairs.

Another person called and said that they had taken on a new cleaning  job and plan on sending us the money they make from it each month until we’re out of the woods on this financial stuff. Then, yesterday after Sunday School, some short, gray-haired, lady came up and shook my hand, placing a folded up bill in it. Tears sprang to my eyes. I have her a hug and said thank you and she walked away. Later I looked down to see that it was $100 bill! I don’t even know this lady’s name.

It’s humbling to receive such gifts. I suppose that’s why God says it’s more blessed to give than to receive. To receive means you have to humble yourself before others and that is hard to do.  I am thankful for God’s provision and blessings in our lives.


3 thoughts on “Current Blessings

  1. Hi Lisha,
    Thanks for sharing this. Dealing with chronic illnesses is hard – on the whole family, but isn’t wonderful how God is meeting your needs. That’s great you could find a Saturday night service.
    I found your blog thru Faithwriters, thanks for commenting on my article, ‘She Danced Alone.’
    I’ve got epilepsy and otosclerosis, and have shared some of the things I have learned about coping with them on my blog post, ‘Learning to Live with a Disability.’ (should you be interested.)
    God bless

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for popping into my blog. I wasn’t sure who you were at first because I couldn’t get your whole comment to show up so I clicked on your name and it took me to your blog. I saw the name of Jesus and figured you must’ve found me through Faithwriters. Once I approved your comment, then I could see the entire thing. I’m sorry to hear that you have some chronic health issues. Have you ever heard of Rest Ministries? They minister to those who live with chronic illness and their caregivers. My husband is a part of their online support group for men and I am a part of their group for Christian women who have chronically ill spouses. It’s been a very helpful place to share with others. You can find it through Google.

      I’m new to this writing thing. I’ve written various pieces for Sunday School at my church and a few things for stuff at school, but I’ve not written like I’m doing for Faithwriters until recently. I find it to be fun and rewarding. I also think it will help me grow as a writer.


  2. Hi Lisha,
    Yep, your comment on my Faithwriters article was very encouraging 🙂 Back in 2007/8 I used to participate in the Writing Challenge weekly, but have been busy with my blog since then. The Challenge is good training, that’s for sure. One thing that helped me greatly was studying Flash Fiction and short story tips on the web.
    That’s great about you and your husband being part of Rest Ministries. I’m a Sunday School teacher too, and also spend time online encouraging people who are dealing with depression.
    As for my health, by God’s grace I’m living a (mostly!) normal life, though the epilepsy and its meds have quite unpleasant side effects. My hearing is not good and the tinnitus bad, but I’m used to letting it be part of my daily life.
    God bless

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