Teflon Anyone?

I have a beef with Teflon. Anyone else feel my pain? I’d like to speak to the jerk who made the claim that Teflon is “non-stick”. Non-stick my eye!!!! The only thing I’ve been able to cook with Teflon that hasn’t stuck is bacon, and everyone knows that there’s so much fat in that stuff that bacon won’t even stick to cast-iron.

Here’s the deal: I cook hashbrown patties in my non-stick Teflon pan. They stick. I cook chicken breasts in my non-stick Teflon pan. They stick! I fry hamburger in my non-stick Teflon pan. It sticks!!! Even scrambled eggs leave a thin layer stuck to bottom of the non-stick pan! I’ve spent more time scraping  food off my “non-stick” pan that I’ve contemplated hurling my Teflon into the street.

When I was growing up, my mom always cooked in a cast iron skillet. She had them in three different sizes. When I was there last May, she fixed her “Grand-Slam Breakfast”, and low and behold, there on the stove top sat two of her trusty cast irons. You know, I think she’s onto something there. I regret sending our old cast iron skillet off to the Goodwill several years ago. What was I thinking? I fell prey to the non-stick Teflon lie. It’s the only thing that truly hasn’t stuck!


One thought on “Teflon Anyone?

  1. One of those ‘cast irons’ was a wedding present, almost 42 years in service……don’t remember where and when I got the others, but yes,,,,,,,they have served me well and I have abused and used them.

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