New Link

I’ve been playing around with my blog today and adding widgets to the side bar. It’s been fun to experiment and see what things I can add. I added a link to Faith Writers. Faith Writers is a new group I’ve joined. It’s a place for Christian authors to post their writing and does lead to publishing for some. You do not have to join to read articles and stories, but do have to join in order to post things. I’ve posted a couple of pieces to the Critique Circle where other writers can critique my pieces and give me feedback. I also can read and critique pieces written by others. It’s  a bit awkward to critique another person’s writing, but I think it’s a good exercise for me to do because it helps me to think critically about writing which I think will help me to become a better writer over time. Plus, I can get feedback on my pieces before submitting them to a publisher. I do have a piece that I plan on submitting to a teacher’s magazine sometime soon. I want to see if I get any more feedback on it through the writer’s circle first. Wish me luck!


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